Monday, February 28, 2011

Why My Monday Morning Was Better Than Yours

For a lot of people, Monday....ugh....another week of school and/or work. It can often be tough for folks to want to get up and face a new week. Especially if you start the week with the soul-crushing beeping or buzzing of a clock alarm.

Three weeks ago, I wrote how my favorite radio station, XPN, started my day right with a nice mellow Marc Cohn song that I enjoy.

Today, though, the folks at the station knew that this was a different Monday. It is pouring down rain here, something I rather enjoy, especially after a winter of cloying snow. However, I have a long work day, one that does let me out until well after dark, followed by a board meeting of an organization for which I am currently president. I'm not going to be outside much in the refreshing rain. I'm going to be stuck inside for a long time. Yes, the folks at XPN knew I needed something upbeat to get me moving today.

The alarm went off to a classic Blondie tune:

I'm there in bed tapping my toes and the song ends and moves into an even better 70's tune song to get you hopping:

Thanks again, XPN.

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