Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thorzul's Show Me Your Cups

Thorzul (yes, him again. I seriously need to add a tag for him) is a schoolteacher. The other week, he gave readers a "homework" assignment to showcase their collectible stadium cup collection. Despite my collection of cups being a vast one in size, digging up a camera, taking a picture of said cup, downloading it to the computer, and writing a blog post about it just wasn't making the list of priorities. So I am painfully late in submitting my assignment. Better late than never. Let's just hope the D- I'll be receiving doesn't ruin my GPA enough that I won't get into Thorzul Tech.

Here's my cup:

I got this when I went out to Old Comiskey Park to catch a game for the final season in that stadium in 1989. It commemorates the 1959 American League champion White Sox and has Early Wynn on one side and Nellie Fox on the other. For those of you whippersnappers who are younger than me, back in the day, the White Sox were about as lame as the Cubs when it came to winning. The 1959 pennant was the only thing they had won since the scandal in '19. Of course, the mighty Pale Hose won the World Series a few years ago whereas the Cubs are still lame.

Now this cup sits on my file cabinet where it holds writing implements I don't use (mostly pencils and odd ink pens).


jtorrey13 said...

I think I drank tea out of that cup more than once.

Mad Guru said...

I don't think it was that cup. I've had others which have fallen apart over the years due to excessive tea drinking. My guess is it was one or more of those.