Thursday, December 9, 2010

CSS3 for Web Designers

Huh, no link for this on Amazon which is maybe why it was so hard to find a copy to borrow anywhere.

You can buy the book here, though.

If I were a web designer, instead of someone who dabbles, I'd buy this book. It's a short read, detailing about a half dozen CSS3 tricks that can really make your web design snazzy. That's it, though.

It's a bit of a question how necessary such as a book is. Much of the ideas can be done in Javascript and since Windows Explorer is behind every other browser in supporting CSS3 (and thanks to the more than half of my readers who DON'T use Windows Explorer), there's no sense of urgency to utilize the techniques. The coding does seem cleaner, though, and with any luck, support for CSS3 will grow. I know I'm going to try and implement some of this stuff in a couple of web projects on which I'm working.

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