Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some more music videos

Thought I'd share some more favorite music/videos for a number of reasons. One, I've been thinking about the group Delta Spirit. I like them a lot and they recently released a new album. I was hoping to make it to their concert tomorrow night but alas, life got in the way yet again. They did a takeaway show for La Blogotheque with several songs but these two are my favorites:

Wouldn't you take public transportation more if there were live musical performances? I would. That would be awesome.

Here's a song off of the new album. The new album is different from previous ones. I like it even though it is very different from their first two albums. Far more modern sounding and not as dominated by Matt Vasquez's voice. That being said, it sort of sounds like lots of other groups. Maybe it's not so awful I'm not making the concert.

Then I came across this outstanding cover of Hall and Oates' I Can't Go For That by Nikki Bluhm and the Gramblers:

That got me thinking about "live" videos which I can't think of without thinking of Airborne Toxic Event and their eight week acoustic series.  And since I was already thinking of van performances, why not another fine one?

Lastly I'll go old school with my favorite MTV Unplugged song. A Letter for Elise by the Cure. Love the toy piano.

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