Saturday, July 30, 2011

My experience with the Topps 2011 Heritage "H" Looseys

I had been reading about the Target H packs on various sites and when I found myself at a Target this afternoon, I decided to take a look and see what I could find. Having committed the appropriate code to memory, I looked through the packs and found two that had the proper identification. Bought them and went out to my car to open them.

Uh oh. Go to open the first pack and found that someone had opened the top of the pack. I slide the cards out and they are all base. Worse, there are only eight cards in the pack. Looks like a pack searcher beat me to it and shoplifted the special card. Nice.

Second pack was intact and it contained a Robinson Cano All-Star short print. So my sample size of one proves that the packs are hot.

Target took back the opened pack and refunded my money. I wondered how many people have bought those packs, taken out the special card and returned them. I tell you. This card business stuff is shady.

Here are the cards I got. I'm not collecting them so if you need something, let me know.

45 Longoria
81 Varitek
115 Soriano
160 Jones
315 Sabathia
327 Lopez
349 Bonderman
366 Porcello
467 Cano

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jtorrey13 said...

Saw your post and figured I needed to go to Target anyway (boxers, shampoo, soap and sunglasses) and found three packs with the code. My inserts were a Matt Garza SP, Frank Robinson/Miguel Cabrera Then and Now and a Jackie Robinson enshrined in Cooperstown news flash. Wow. Seems to be a very big error on the part of Topps/Target.