Wednesday, October 13, 2010

David Sedaris: Live for Your Listening Pleasure

I wasn't sure whether or not to review this since it's a sound recording and not a book. It's not an audiobook because there is no written text to be found although the recording is, in part, of David Sedaris doing readings. So I'll review it but not put it in my sidebar rankings.

I have been a fan of Sedaris since the beginning of the century (Me Talk Pretty One Day). As both an author and essayist, I found him to be hysterical. At least for a while. In the middle part of the decade, he stopped being funny to me and started to show more of a bitter side to him. In the last couple of years, funny again.

My boss is also a fan and she had purchased this CD for the library, then listened to it when she had to go to Pittsburgh. She came back and gave it to me to listen to saying it was extremely funny.

It is. Sedaris starts with a fable using two critters (and I believe his newest book is mostly, if not entirely, such stories). He goes on to talk about his trip to Costco with his brother-in-law which is absolutely hilarious. My other favorite is his discussion of non-natives speaking foreign words with an accent. The CD concludes with some notes from a book tour and then a story concerning his family, always a source of Sedaris' humor.

Good stuff. If you haven't heard Sedaris read his own stuff, here's a sample from an appearance on Letterman

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