Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marino returns to Miami

Former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino may be returning to the city where he played his entire career. Marino's agent, L.E.M. Ming, released a statement today that Marino had reached an agreement with the Miami Heat for a two-year contract.

"Dan feels as if this is his best opportunity to finally win a championship and he has tremendous respect for coach Pat Riley."

Joining a Miami Heat team that should include 213 current and former NBA players and friends of LeBron James, Marino, 48, may struggle to find playing time, especially given his lack of basketball experience. Marino, however, seemed upbeat.

"The city of Miami deserves the championship I was never able to bring them. I see myself being an integral part of the team. I can make those long inbound passes pretty easily. Plus, Isotoner gloves for everybody!"

On his Twitter feed, James posted: "Happy DM is joining the party. Maybe I'll play WR for the Dolphins in the offseason"

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