Sunday, November 29, 2009

My first internet baseball card trade - with the legendary Thorzul

I've mentioned before that I read two baseball card blogs regularly: Cardboard Junkie and Thorzul Will Rule. These two pretty much rekindled my interest in trading cards although the baseball card companies themselves have done a lot to counter the effect.

Nonetheless, when Thorzul announced his annual "Trade Me Anything" event, I had to do it. Here are the cards he sent me:

I've toyed with the idea of being a player collector, despite the ridiculous number of cards produced, and limited print runs for many of these cards but figured what the heck, why not start another collection? Dunn, being my favorite current player, seemed like a good bet and I really like the propaganda card. Latos could potentially be a good pitcher and I thought he might be another decent guy to collect if the Dunn cards seemed too overwhelming.

So what did I send Thorzul? Well, you can see for yourself. Not having much in recent cards, I thought I would provide him with some older cards he needed. Turns out I read the wrong list. Alas. Nonetheless, he seemed to like what I sent.

If you're reading this and have Adam Dunn or Mat Latos cards with which you would be willing to part, let me know. As you can see from what I sent Thorzul, newer cards aren't my forte but I have a lot of unusual things and older cards.

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